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ESG Security has been serving Indiana and Kentucky since 1993, and has worked with millions of people to ensure their safety and satisfaction. We’ve worked at nearly every major sporting event and concert in Indiana alone for the last 20 years.

ESG Security works with clients in the banking, financial, construction, manufacturing and industrial industries. By providing 24/7 monitoring, on-site staffing with regular patrols, security personnel for conferences and executive protection, ESG Security has become the first choice of dozens of employers and industries.

All ESG employees work directly for ESG and are not sub-contractors or volunteers. ESG Training is organized and overseen by Retired Hamilton County Sheriff Joe Cook. All ESG employees are required to attend all training sessions mentioned below.

Perhaps where we’re best known for, ESG’s event security is instantly recognized by tens of thousands of Hoosiers and Kentuckians. At large events, such as the 2012 Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four and Championships, ESG is there with a noticeable presence and an invisible presence. ESG owns and operates our own mobile command center, which works directly with local law enforcement to monitor and report risks before they escalate.

ESG employees are trained in

  • Guest Services
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Incident Report Preparation
  • Pressure Point Control Techniques & Defensive Tactics
  • Explosive Devices Identification, Prevention and Response
  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Visual, Physical and Metal Detector Searches
  • Gang Identification & Response
  • Terrorism Prevention, Identification and Response
  • CPR, Basic First Aid & AED Certification
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Active Shooter Preparedness

Additionally, ESG employs dozens of active and retired police officers and military veterans. Their expertise and training has helped make ESG the most trusted name in security, protection, and service. ESG employees are proactive, sharp, and routinely solve problems before they start.

ESG offices are located in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend, Indiana, as well as Louisville, Kentucky. Contact us to tell us about your event, or request a call from us at a time convenient to you.

ESG Security

ESG Security