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What’s the lead time required for requesting ESG security?

We will work as quickly as we can to fulfill your security needs. Ideally, we prefer to have at least a 30-day notice, but we can operate within a window as short as 7 days assuming your event isn’t overly complicated or requires unusually large staffing.

Does ESG offer executive protection and bodyguards?

ESG can absolutely provide personal protection to one or several specific individuals. Our executive protection staff are highly trained to watch for and react to risks, gangs, and other threats.

Can ESG help me with loss prevention?

ESG guards are trained to monitor for and react to theft and other loss at events and entertainment venues. We’re there to protect your facility, its assets, and your customers and their assets. We typically do not service retail outlets seeking loss protection services.

Does ESG provide fire protection?

At facilities where ESG guards are monitoring and securing, fire safety is one of many threats we train for. Facilities where ESG is monitoring 24/7 are monitored not just for theft and trespassers, but for hazardous items that may cause a fire. This keeps fires from starting and reduces response time of local fire departments in the unlikely event one does occur.

Can ESG help us with risk management and analysis?

ESG offers consulting services to those who request it. Contact us to learn more and get started.

How much do security services cost?

It’s highly variable, but extremely competitive. Services are charged on a per-hour basis of each employee at the event or facility. We can build a custom quote for you now.

Typically, ESG will send an invoice immediately following an event and payment is due within 15 days.

Larger Events may require a down payment.

Can ESG help us with equipment and outfitting personnel?

All ESG guards wear one of several uniforms. Clients can choose which uniforms they prefer. This makes it easy to identify ESG guards in a crowd for help and assistance. ESG can also provide all the equipment necessary for your event, such as gates, parking wands, and metal detectors.

What kind of insurance does ESG hold?

ESG is properly licensed, bonded, and insured as required by law.

How are guards trained?

ESG pays our employees during their training. They receive their employee manual, pocket-sized manuals for each client and venue, and receive tours of facilities they’re protecting. Our training goes above and beyond every other security provider in the region

ESG does not utilize group labor or non-profit volunteers.

Are guards armed?

ESG employs hundreds of police officers who work as off duty police at events and sites. Non-officer ESG staff members are not armed.

How long has ESG been in business?

ESG security has been in business since 1993.

How much police support can we expect?

ESG’s relationship with police departments runs deep as ESG helps reduce calls to police departments.

Can ESG handle large crowd control?

Absolutely. ESG handles the biggest events in the world. Through hundreds of staff members and hundreds of pieces of equipment, we’ve provided protection for 2012 NFL Super Bowl surrounding events, years of NBA Men’s and Women’s Final Fours and championship games, and we annually secure the largest single-day sporting event in the world: The Indianapolis 500, with regular attendance of over 300,000 people.

What are some emergency situations ESG can handle?

ESG guards are trained in more than just security risks like verbal de-escalation techniques, crowd dynamics, alcohol awareness, and active shooter preparedness. We also train personnel in guest services, customer satisfaction, CPR and basic first aid, and facility layouts. See all the ways ESG is different from other security providers.

Are there patrols available?

At facilities and sites where 24/7 protection is needed, ESG guards patrol by foot as part of routine security patrols. We do not use marked vehicles for patrols.

Can ESG make arrests?

ESG employers hundreds of police officers. Off-duty police officers working for ESG for extra income can make arrests.

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